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A little bit more about me

Vincent Leclerc

50 years old

Québécois / Canadian

French / English

My path

Quebec, 49 years old, living in France since 1996 with more than 30 years of experience in entertainment. 


More than a passion, a vocation 


Since 1989 I discovered the world of the medias with the radio and television.  I was a moderator, host, and lead animator on radio shows and TV's in school, local and professional media in Quebec. 


I perfect my experience in the world of events in the 90's, completing a diploma for travel and leisure in Quebec. This gave me the opportunity to discover the France where I decided to settle to live my passion. 


Entertainment in France 


From 1996 to 2013, I was alternately entertainer,  Entertainment trainer  and National Leisure and Entertainment Referee  for the UCPA. 


The Events World


Since 1999, in parallel with my UCPA job , I worked freelance for corporate events as master of ceremonies, warm up artist and event manager and producer. 


I MC place as Bercy with the PURMIX event (10 000 peoples) 3 years in a row (2003-2005). 




In 2005, I was selected to represent Canada on TV (France 2) for the the show Encore Plus Libre with Naguy and Karine Lemarchand. 


In May 2014, I hosted The Biggest Game Show in The World in Budapest (broadcast on Gulli in September 2014) for the Americas team. 

Between 2012 and 2015 i've hosted on Radio, web radio Franco Québécoise the NRV SHOW, international talk show and Trouvailles de Geek a program about new technologies. 


Present day 


I host international sports competition, MC prestigious events and perfom seminars and shows as a Hypnotist.


Vincent Leclerc 


Passionate of entertainment and media, I offer you more than a facilitator for your events. I propose originality to mark the occasion.

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